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UIF Fraud Suspect Arrested on SA-Botswana Border



UIF Fraud Suspect Arrested on SA-Botswana Border

UIF Fraud Suspect Arrested on SA-Botswana Border. The Temporary Employer/Employee Relief Scheme (TERS) was introduced to provide financial relief to employers and employees during the national lockdowns due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, this initiative has been marred by fraudulent activities. Recently, a significant arrest was made at the South Africa-Botswana border, highlighting the ongoing efforts to curb such fraudulent claims.

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Arrest at the Border

The Border Management Authority (BMA) arrested Tokelo Winston Frederick Modiboa at the Ramatlabama border post between South Africa and Botswana on Thursday. Modiboa, who had been on the run since November 2022, is one of 21 individuals implicated in fraudulent COVID-19 TERS claims made in 2020 and 2021.

Follow the Money Campaign

The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) launched the “Follow the Money” campaign to ensure that TERS funds were reaching the intended beneficiaries and not being misused.

  • Phase 1: This initial phase involved auditing R14 billion in claims, confirming that 91% of the funds reached the workers. However, R387 million in suspected fraudulent payments were flagged for further investigation. During this phase, the UIF managed to recover R918 million.
  • Phase 2: Begun in July 2022, this phase involves a deeper audit with over 360 forensic auditors examining employers’ financial records to verify the proper use of TERS funds.

Detailed Investigation

According to a police statement, the 59-year-old Modiboa appeared in the Mmabatho Magistrate’s Court on Friday, facing charges of fraud. An investigation by the Hawks’ Serious Commercial Crime Investigation unit revealed that Modiboa received payments from three primary suspects: Kegomoditswe Parisian Moselane (36), Irving Ikgopoleng Mongale (46), and Khotjwe Goodwin Motsei (50). These individuals submitted fraudulent claims for employees who did not exist.

  • Moselane  Fraud: Moselane allegedly claimed R271,000 from the Department of Employment and Labour for 47 individuals who had never worked for her company. She transferred funds to seven other accused, including R27,000 to Modiboa.
  • Mongale’s Fraud: Mongale claimed R970,000 for 150 non-existent employees, transferring R34,000 to Modiboa and funds to 13 other accused. These suspects have since been arrested and released on bail.
  • Motsei’s Fraud: Motsei fraudulently claimed over R1 million for 133 fictitious employees. He transferred R89,500 to Modiboa and distributed funds to 11 other suspects, who were arrested in November 2022 and are also out on bail.

Culmination of Investigations

This brings the total number of suspects arrested for COVID-19 TERS fraudulent claims to 21. All the accused have been charged with fraud. Modiboa was remanded in custody and will appear in court on June 5, 2024.


The arrest of Tokelo Winston Frederick Modiboa at the SA-Botswana border is a significant step in the ongoing efforts to address TERS fraud. The “Follow the Money” campaign by the UIF demonstrates the government’s commitment to ensuring that relief funds reach the intended beneficiaries and that fraudulent activities are identified and prosecuted. The detailed investigations and subsequent arrests highlight the complexities and scale of the fraud, emphasizing the importance of continued vigilance and robust auditing processes.

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UIF Guide

How Long Does UIF Pay After Signing in South Africa?



How Long Does UIF Pay After Signing in South Africa?

How Long Does UIF Pay After Signing in South Africa?. The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) serves as a crucial safety net for individuals facing unemployment in South Africa. However, navigating the process and understanding the timeline for receiving payments can be a source of uncertainty for many. In this article, we delve into the question: How long does UIF take to pay after signing up?

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Application Approval Timeline

Upon submitting your application form to the UIF, the waiting period for approval typically spans six to eight weeks. This initial phase serves as a crucial step in assessing eligibility and processing the necessary documentation. The reasons behind this timeline are multifaceted and underscore the intricate nature of evaluating applications for financial assistance.

Factors Influencing Approval Time:

Several factors contribute to the duration of the approval process. Firstly, the volume of applications received by the UIF can influence processing times. Higher volumes may lead to longer wait times as officials work diligently to review each submission thoroughly.

Additionally, the complexity of individual cases may necessitate additional time for assessment. Factors such as incomplete documentation or discrepancies in information provided can prolong the review process. Therefore, ensuring the accuracy and completeness of your application can expedite the approval timeline.

Subsequent Payment Disbursement

Once your application has been approved, subsequent payments typically take approximately one week to be cleared. This expedited timeline reflects the UIF’s commitment to providing timely financial assistance to eligible individuals. However, it’s important to note that meeting all eligibility requirements and criteria is imperative for prompt payment disbursement.


In conclusion, the process of receiving UIF payments in South Africa involves a structured timeline that encompasses both the approval phase and subsequent disbursement. While the initial approval period spans six to eight weeks, subsequent payments are typically processed within a week, provided all eligibility criteria are met. Understanding these timelines and factors influencing them can help individuals navigate the UIF application process with clarity and confidence.

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